Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Dream Board 2010

I started a letter on this blog, but couldn't even get past the first 5 sentences. Thinking about what to write just brings so much emotion to the surface. So much so that I couldn't handle it. So. I'm writing about something else.


Every January, my friends come out with a list of resolutions/goals they hope to keep for the rest of the year. I failed to come out with a list last year, what with the new baby keeping me busy. So this year, 5 days too late, but better than never, here is my short list of five:

5. Take a FAMILY trip to the homeland (this is happening in July, as we already have tickets, hehe, but it still counts, right?). And maybe a trip to the US for A, who's been bugging me about it. Must save up.

4. Home of our own. Looking at new low-rise developments. Better to move to a different place to start anew, than have the old place haunt us with ugly, painful memories.

3. No softdrinks for the whole year. No Iced Tea or sugar drinks either. I had my last bottle of Mountain Dew (sniff) last sunday (cool that I am making this up today, huh?). I still have one bottle in the fridge, but I guess that's going down the drain. :(


1. Happy life. :)

Oh, I should add... lose weight. I gained 5 pounds over the holidays. Blech!

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