Tuesday, January 12, 2010

This Thing Called Patience

Friday night, A and I were in a hurry to get home as we had a post-Christmas thing to get to and wanted to get a quick bite first. I had our cook prepare dinner the night before because she was gonna be home late the next day (she goes to school in the afternoon). As I dropped my bags, the nanny informed me that R visited earlier that day. He checked on the other dog and had lunch. Lunch? What lunch? Our nanny said she was ironing the clothes so she wasn't able to check what he took from the refrigerator. I quickly went to check and lo and behold, all that was left of our dinner was a few scraps, not even enough to tide over one person (what more the whole household?). So I called up R and asked about it, he got pissed and says he'll replace it. But A and I were famished! 30 minutes later, he still wasn't anywhere near our place. 1 hour = nada. 2 hours later, he comes in the house with chicken from McDonald's. A two-piece chicken pack for A, he says. What about the rest of us? He curses and leaves.

He ate up OUR dinner and comes back with dinner for one. I have no nice words for this man. I don't even know how I came to fall in love with him in the first place.

Patience? It is out the door.


  1. set yourself free from misery! i hate to say this but your husband is hopeless! don't waste your time waiting for the day that he'll finally come to his senses.

    You deserved to be loved by a man with a good heart. SET YOURSELF FREE. let him enjoy his singlehood all he wants, it's definitely not your loss.

  2. your hubby's actions are disheartening. he doesnt care about you neither to your kids. by now, you have understand that its not always OK to hope for the best always and all the time in marriage. im not talking you shouldnt but c'mon this realization already unfolded to you years ago but chooses to hope for a better day and a better person in him.

    he obviously doenst have respect for you and your kids.. and you obviously had a hard time before accepting it.


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