Thursday, May 31, 2012


T'was my birthday yesterday! And I had planned this blowout to run for the last 14 days of May. Alas, work and life got in the way (again!). So we're starting today - a day AFTER my birthday... because I still want this to happen! After all, I have all the swag here, waiting for me to give them away.

A little disclaimer first. I work for brand. I have been in Marketing for the past so and so years. Because of what I do, I have friends in the same line of work - thus the abundance in swag. I ask demand my friends for promotional items and they oblige. Haha! The prizes you will see in this blowout have zero cost to them. My friends have paid zilch to get them in this blowout, and I have paid zilch as well. Everything is here because I have cool friends who love me. Naks!

God has been so good to bless me with so much (the secret to youth included, ha!), I don't feel a day over 16. Haha! Seriously. So I wanted to share my blessings with you! This blowout will run for 14 days (non-consecutive, depends if I find time to post). I will be giving out 5 things per blowout day. You have about 3 days to send in your entries (from the time the blowout is announced). 5 winners will be picked per blowout day to win one out of 5 things. All in all, I will have 70 prizes and 70 winners. So yay! Watch out for Day 1!

*NOTE: Congratulations to sweetie_mayumi for winning a special prize for guessing what's next on the blog this month. :) It's still May, right? LOL! Leave a comment below with your Twitter ID and I'll send you instructions on how to claim your special prize.

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  1. Justine Jep ParcasioMay 31, 2012 at 8:20 PM

    Exciting!...God loves a cheerful giver! Amen! Birthday blessings!


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