Monday, May 28, 2012


I've been swamped the past two weeks! You can't imagine how I can possibly fit everything in 24-hour days! But I've managed - only this blog had to suffer. I AM trying to get everything back on track though. (Can you feel the stress? Lol!)

Today, I took a break for a few hours because my missing-in-action friend and colleague FINALLY visited after four years! FINALLY!!! (can't reiterate that enough)

H used to work for us, but left to work for her church. She's been very instrumental in how I changed my outlook on dealing with a verbally abusive spouse, and I praise God we crossed paths once upon a time. Today, after four long years, she came for a visit, and D and I took time off to catch up!

I miss the good ol' days. Especially those times when we had at least 3 people to share the workload in the office. Haha! If I had this team with me today, I wouldn't be missing out so much on blogging and keeping this blog updated. Lol!

But I WILL be back this week! With a bang, nonetheless! Watch out! You wouldn't want to miss my comeback!

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