Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Football is Life.

I bet a lot of my friends can say so. My twitter timeline goes crazy whenever there's a game in play. But I will not pretend to know something about something I know nothing about. LOL! Nope, I haven't caught the football bug. Well, not yet.

On a dinner date with friends, I had the girls give me a quick tutorial. But it all sounds foreign to me really. Don't get me wrong, I love sports. I know a thing or two about baseball, basketball, and a little about golf. But bah! I guess not having a man in my life has taken its toll somehow. I know nothing about football! Well, not exactly nothing, more like I don't have the passion for it. Not like how most of my friends and family get into it.

Ah yes, family. My brothers are sports nuts. They're into biking, basketball and all sorts. So much so that their girlfriends complain about poor quality time. LOL! Better into sports than other extra-curricular activities, if you ask me. Hehe.

So when my not-so-little brother expanded his shirt business to include Football, I wasn't at all surprised. And so, please excuse the proud big sis and this shameless plug - yes, even if I know zilch about the latest craze in Philippine sports.

Football is FINALLY blooming in the Philippines! Show your love and support for the beautiful game with The 12th Man - official UFL merchandise and other cool, exclusive items for Filipino futbol fans!

Filipino Football Fanatic, Kids P300.00/ Adults P400.00
This one's for you, Igan! LOL!
United Against Racism, P400.00
Ah yes! The shirt for die-hard football fans!
Football is Life, P400.00
The 12th Man makes other Filipino football-themed items aside from the usual Shirts. Check out their Lanyards...

Football is Life, P200.00
United Against Racism, P200.00
Goal Natin 'To, P200.00

GOAAAAL! P100.00
Goal Natin 'To, P80.00
and more! (For a full listing of available products, photos and prices, check out The 12th Man's full product catalog on Facebook)

UFL's Marketing Man, Coco Torre, with Loyola Meralco Sparks FC's James and Phil Younghusband!
Official UFL merchandise by The 12th Man is available for sale at The 12th Man booth at the UMak for all Div1 and Div2 matches. Their booth is by the grandstand entrance. 

The 12th Man booth at UMak. 
Their products are also available for purchase online via their Facebook page and email. 

For inquiries and orders, email them at
Facebook: /12thManFutbolPH
Twitter: @12thManFutbol


  1. Yey love this! =) I like that Goooal decal/sticker/lanyard? Hehe.

    I really hope you grow to love the sport too! Nood tayo minsan ng game.

  2. wow! we love FOOTBALL :) DO they have kiddie sizes as well?

  3. Chris, right now, the only design for kids is the Filipino Football Fanatic design. But they're coming out with more in the future.


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