Monday, April 22, 2013

As Requested: Extreme Level 26!

I've received numerous requests for a Level 26 walkthrough. I haven't even written a thorough one for Level 17, but oh well. So I played Level 26 over a dozen times this past weekend just to make sure I get the right steps on screen capture. I hope this helps you, Samantha and everyone else.

This walkthrough is slightly different from the game I played the first time I won. I adjusted my game as I saw fit. Here it goes:

Start off by planting an AIRPLANE TOWER on each of the two plots available (as shown). Aim the left AIRPLANE TOWER on lower right chest found directly above it.

You should be able to upgrade the left AIRPLANE once by the second wave.

You will eventually get to break open both chests on the left by the 3rd wave. After which, aim the left AIRPLANE TOWER on wine bottle on its right.

Meanwhile, once you can, upgrade the AIRPLANE TOWER on the right once.

Once your wine bottle is destroyed, plant a new AIRPLANE TOWER as shown below. Aim for the rocks/ corals on upper right of track (beside carrot).

Next, aim the AIRPLANE on the right at the chest nearest it. Your two other airplanes and other towers should be able to kill off the pests coming towards it.

Make sure you upgrade the airplane on left (not the left-most) but the newly planted one
when you can. You should be able to in the middle of this wave.

After the first chest on the right breaks open, aim for the next chest beside it (top, and to the left). Then plant MUSHROOMS on the plot next to track and upgrade to max as you go along.

Once the upper chests are open, aim for the lower ones.
Then destroy the rest of the obstacles.

Replace your STAR TOWERS on left with AIRPLANE TOWERS. I only replaced the ones nearest the track and deleted the two other STARS and the SUN TOWERS for extra coins.

By the 9th wave, make sure you've planted enough MUSHROOMS to help you earn more coins, and enough AIRPLANE TOWERS to help you kill off the pests. The next wave (10th) should help you upgrade most of your AIRPLANES (at least the ones in the middle) to max.

If you've been playing on 2x the speed, you should slow down after the 10th wave. The 11th - 15th wave could be tricky. And the AIRPLANES could miss a pest. So it is best to slow down first, if you haven't been playing on 1x speed mode.

By the 11th wave, work on upgrading the FREEZE TOWERS to max.
I deleted the upper left FREEZE TOWER as it doesn't have much reach on the track.
This is how your plot should look like by the 13th wave. 

Once you've upgraded all your AIRPLANE TOWERS to max, plant another MUSHROOM on space between two airplanes on lower left of track. That should help you slow down the pests. Upgrade to max. You may also plant another AIRPLANE TOWER on the plot where you deleted the FREEZE TOWER. Upgrade that one to max.

Then you can start working on upgrading your ROCKETS.
Work on the ones on the left first.

Once you have updated your ROCKETS, you can start planting more AIRPLANE TOWERS around the track with your extra coins (as shown below). By the start of Wave 20, your track should look like this:

All those AIRPLANES should do the trick. 

The last wave should help you earn more coins to at least add three more AIRPLANE TOWERS on the left. Upgrade to max. You should be able to kill off the boss with these TOWERS.

Bye-bye, BOSS!

Yay! Golden Carrot!

Bonne chance, everyone!

EDIT! I updated this walkthrough here. Should be easier and better. Ha!

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  1. Thanks for posting these walkthroughs, they helped a lot.


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