Thursday, April 25, 2013

Don't Say I Didn't Warn You!

I wrote parts of this post yesterday, but couldn't finish it as lunch break was over. Then wrote a few more parts last night after work (coded on humpdays) and found myself being tempted to call home just to tell the nanny that I wanted tapa for dinner instead. Haha! I had to stop because I went searching for a few lost tapa photos. So yes, finishing this post today. Anyway... I must warn you. This post will make you crave for Tapa. I think I made a mistake by following JAM FOODS on Instagram and on Facebook, because every time they post, or IG, or repost a pic, I get serious hunger pangs for their tapa (and salpicao). 

Now don't say I didn't warn you.

I just had brunch. Or early lunch. Basta, I had another round of Angus Beef Tapa with one Sunny Side Up and garlic rice. This isn't your ordinary tapsilog, mind you. It is a treat. But I shouldn't be doing this review, as I am not quite the tapa expert. My brother KM is. He is the tapa connoisseur. Once, he made a list of the best tapas in the city - Rodic's, Jollibee (when it was still the dry kind, and not the beef with mushroom crossover), Tapsi ni Vivian, etc. We always went for the dry tapsilog... as anything wet wasn't tapa in our books.

Tapsi ni Vivian in Quezon City

Ang Tapsilog ni Vivian, BOW! 

But then Tapatouille came along, and we got addicted to their Korean Tapa (theirs is the wet kind, like a Tapa stew of sorts, but it kept us coming back).

Jenny and Raffy Javier were the ones who managed Tapatouille at Banchetto Emerald.
Jenny's parents developed the tapa for them.

The line for tapa at Tapatouille. 

Tapatouille serves their tapa with egg (any way you like it), garlic rice and homemade potato chips!

Sadly, Tapatouille stopped joining Banchetto, and you can now only get their tapa packs (frozen) via special order. (Curious? Order from Jenny Javier at 0917.5029107)

One of the best tapsilogs in town for us today would be that of Every Nation's canteen (I don't know if they have a name but yes, the canteen at the basement of Victory Fort). My brother makes it a point to order to-go whenever he'd have a meeting there. I don't know what their secret is, but they have one of the best-tasting tapas!

Every Nation Canteen's Tapsilog! Sarap!

So there I was minding my own business when one day in October of last year, I met Michelle c/o my good friend and stalker-extraordinaire, Mia. We went to watch Wilson Phillips and the rest, as they say, is history. LOL! Okay, okay, well it turns out she and her husband, Chef John Cu-Unjieng, own JAM FOODS - makers of the Angus Beef Tapa. Like I said, this isn't your ordinary tapa. You can't even compare this to Tapsi ni Vivian or even Every Nation's. This is a cut above the rest.

So my siblings and I would make our way every weekend to Mezza Norte or Mercato (they used to sell their tapa here) to catch one of their distributors. Then the inevitable happened, Michelle gave me a 1Kg pack of her Original Angus Beef Tapa for Christmas, and I cannot get enough of it since then!

Look at that! JAM Foods Angus Beef Tapa served perfectly!

My friend Mia and I posing with my pack of JAM Foods Angus Beef Tapa!

Let me tell you, IT IS THE BEST TAPA EVER! I am talking best-tasting, best ulit-ulitin, super-addicting, AWARD-WINNING (!!! They won the Ultimate Taste Test 4.0!), I-CAN-HAVE-IT-EVERYDAY TAPA! And even if Michelle says not to, I've had it everyday, so far (yes, yes, except Monday), since getting a new pack Friday. Teehee.

Raymond Lauchengco with his Angus Beef Tapa monster, N.
Photo from the JAM Foods IG Account.

Rivermaya showing off their Angus Beef Tapa.
Photo from the JAM Foods IG Account.

It's so good, even celebrities rave about it.

And my brother? My brother, who knows his tapa so well... well, he took a bite from my Angus Beef Tapa brunch two days ago, and just had to go and order his own pack. Haha!

JAM Foods has changed our qualifications for best tapa. This one here is special. And truthfully, it is the best in my books. Why don't you give it a try? I am sure you will agree with me (and my brother's tummy).

Try their different Angus Beef Tapa variants and their Salpicao (also award-winning having conquered the Ultimate Taste Test 8.0!). Their burger patties are also bestsellers!

ANGUS BEEF TAPA - Original, 1Kg, P550
ANGUS BEEF TAPA - Hot & Spicy, 1Kg, P650
ANGUS BEEF TAPA - Korean, 1Kg, P650
ANGUS BEEF TAPA - Premium Lean, 800g, P650
ANGUS BURGER PATTIES, 4 - 250g (approx) Patties/ pack, P550

To order, call 02.6229740 or text 0917.5331371 (Look for Michelle, Alabang area) or any of the distributors nearest you.

Want to be part of the JAM Foods family? They are still open for distributorship!
Shoot them a text (via 0917.5331371) with your name, email and mobile number or send a letter of intent to

Saturday Power Brunch before my daughter's swimming party!

Sunday Brunch! I was actually dreaming about this at 1am!

Yesterday's Brunch Baon. 

JAM Foods Angus Beef Tapa. Wow! I never thought Tapa would be this addicting! Alas, they have just proven me wrong.


  1. *stalking*

    But yes, when I have a pack at home, I eat it everyday. Sometimes every meal. It's sooooo good.

  2. Figured you'd agree with the title I gave you. Hahaha!

    Every meal?!!


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