Monday, April 15, 2013


I haven't been posting. I know. I have been in a lot of pain the past week. First, it was stomach problems. I've always had tummy problems - a Gastro thing I got from college, and because this is a "lifetime" thing (they say), I got it last week and it was bad. I still think it's because of all those food from Korea, but maybe (I think) my liver is acting up. I need to start eating right.

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Then, after lunch Friday, my tooth started hurting. I am due for a root canal soon, and my dentist was at a dental convention over the weekend. I wanted to pull my tooth out right away. Let me tell you, I would rather give birth than get a toothache. Ang sakit!!! 

Today, after taking pain medication for the nth time, I finally received word that she can fit me in for that root canal tomorrow! BEST. NEWS. EVER.

So please excuse the absence. I shall blog again when I am no longer in so much pain. Haay!


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  1. Hi, Kaye. You might want to try my dentist, Dr. Ligon along West Ave. He did a root canal on me a few years back. Hindi mabigat ang kamay and he was very thorough. His number is 927-1290. His Clinic's name is "Aking Dentista. It's in the building right across Petron Del Monte Ave. He is usually open Mon-Sat. Sometimes on Sundays. Feel better soon. - Eliza


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