Wednesday, April 24, 2013

EDIT: Carrot Fantasy Extreme Level 26

So before you say anything about my previous post, let me tell you, that the strategy as shown on the first Carrot Fantasy Extreme Level 26 walkthrough WORKS. But because I've been playing Carrot Fantasy every single day, while waiting for the Ice World update (I like setting challenges to make the game more interesting for me, ie. playing on 2x speed without getting killed, or playing Extreme Levels 17-27 on 2x speed without having to repeat a level, etc.), I've discovered easier ways to play each game.

And so it is true for Extreme Level 26. While playing on my iPhone last night, I discovered that after planting my AIRPLANE TOWERS at the bottom of the track and upgrading them to max (around wave 10), I can proceed to upgrade my ROCKETS and not worry about the pests running down the track to eat the carrot. So, after playing it foolproof last night, and this morning, here is an easier way to finish Level 26, and on 2x speed, too, without risking your Golden Carrot potential.

First, play the original walkthrough until Wave 10. After which, this is what you can do:

By the end of Wave 10, you would have been able to upgrade those AIRPLANE TOWERS (bottom of track) to max. My initial walkthrough suggests to upgrade the FREEZE TOWERS next. But this new updated walkthrough is telling you otherwise! Haha! Upgrade your ROCKETS first!

Upgrade those ROCKETS on the left first!

Upgrading the ROCKETS will help you kill off the pests
without having to worry about them getting to the carrot.

After upgrading your ROCKETS, you can work on upgrading the FREEZE TOWERS and the rest of your AIRPLANE TOWERS.

Notice that the action happens all on the left side? The pests can't even get close to the carrot!
I planted an AIRPLANE TOWER on top of the the FREEZE TOWERS (I deleted one) to help with defense.

Proceed with upgrading your existing FREEZE TOWERS and AIRPLANE TOWERS to max.

As you go through the rest of the waves, plant more AIRPLANE TOWERS (and upgrade) to build your defense. Similar to the first walkthrough, I planted the AIRPLANE TOWERS left of the track to defend the carrot.

By the beginning of Wave 20, your game board should look like this.

Wave 20 will enable you to plant more AIRPLANES. I did so, to the left of the others for extra measure.

Pow! Pow! Pow! Bye-bye, boss!

Gold and Clear! 

Did this walkthrough work for you? Let me know!

P.S. Does anyone still need a thorough walkthrough for Extreme Level 17? If not, I shall post about food next. I must warn you though, this one's addicting. I can't get enough of it. So far, I've had it everyday, except Monday. *grin* 


  1. Hello can u post lvl 25 in extreme

  2. Hi! Can you pls post a solution for extreme 27 !!! Need help :))) thanks!


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