Friday, August 16, 2013

The Big Book of Backlog.

I haven't been blogging, I know.
I'm in a spin and my life is a blur.
Let me list down the things on my to-write list.

An easy-to-cook meal helper post.
Forgive me, please, my dear PR friend.
When you invited me, it slipped my mind...
That the brand competes with a brand we own.
And yet I love the product (no longer new, well... NOW),
And I promise I shall write a nice review.

Albeit late.

I hope you understand. I need my day job.

A nice and effective alternative to a great product.
My friend, you forgot to send me that update.

A review on a product I love, but I can't find the photos and the price list.
A new beauty service at a posh salon.
A friend's online store.

That's not bad
I think.
Plus that talk I attended this week. One I am itching to write about, but just can't because I don't quite have my thoughts in order at the moment.

Am I missing a post I had promised to write for you? Let me know.

In the meantime, I've resolved not to accept any invites to events until I get these out of the way.

OH, TOMORROW, Please be good to me.

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