Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Back and Back to the ER!

It's time to start writing again. I couldn't find time to write the past two or so weeks, or has it been a month? I tried to fit in a post or two in between a very, very, VERY hectic schedule at work this past month, but only managed to get a couple or so in. The good news is: I'm back! And I hope I get to post regularly until the year ends and of course, after that.

The kids and I attempted to have a relaxing long weekend (after the week that passed, and the stress someone's visit caused), but we spent almost the whole afternoon of Sunday at the Emergency Room. A woke up with a fever Saturday and broke out in rashes after lunch. I tried to pass it off as something non-crucial, but then she woke up burning Sunday morning.

While waiting for the Doctor...

In ISOLATION, because they wanted to make sure it wasn't something contagious.

She hates needles!

Bad rash, but not itchy. We were sent home with a prescription for Paracetamol.

It turns out I was right. She got the same rash and virus RL had earlier this year (she had it back then only milder). Apparently, this has been going around lately and she was actually not the only kid at the ER with this. It isn't Dengue or the new Chikungunya disease, but I had her tested for Dengue just the same. The rash is not contagious once it breaks out. We were sent home with orders to rest and a prescription for Paracetamol, in case her fever persists.

We paid about P3,200 for the ER consultation, CBC and Dengue NS-1 test. My friend, whose son also had the rashes Sunday, took her son to another hospital and paid about P1,600 for just the CBC and consultation. And although the added expense will mess up my budget, it doesn't hurt to pay extra for peace of mind.

I hope and pray that the rest of the year will be illness-free!   

Have your kids been sick lately? How much are ER fees at your hospital of choice? I am thinking of getting extensions to our health card (currently covers me only). What's a good option?

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