Tuesday, June 17, 2014

How to Catch a Dragon?

...the elusive Toothless, that is!

Toothless is out of stock! Argh!

Just last week, on the day the movie launched in Manila, McDonald's announced their newest Happy Meal toy offering - dragons from the hit movie (I heard it is better than the first!), How To Train Your Dragon 2. Yes, that was just last Wednesday, June 11. But over the weekend, we went to five McDonald's stores (and all the other stores around our area) and they have all sold out of Toothless!

For those of you who don't know, Toothless is the main dragon character in this series. So far, RL has 5 dragons. But he's been bugging me about Toothless since. Silly me, I didn't get to go to McDonald's at all last week because I had two concerts, a store opening, a workshop and a 2-day bazaar all stuffed between Wednesday and Sunday.

So yes, how do you catch a dragon? And a Night Fury one, too!

Eight dragons to collect! Get a toy with every McDonald's Happy Meal you buy! (photo from the McDonald's Facebook page)

Catch the dragons from How To Train Your Dragon 2 at McDonald's before they fly away!

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