Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Affordable Quality Education

My biggest fear with single parenting is not being able to provide my kids with quality education. When A started studying, R got her into his company education plan, and received subsidy for her. Today, both A and RL study in big schools, and it is a pain to make payments, I tell you. But I am blessed with a God who provides, and I can only pray they take this privilege and use it as best they can.

Photo from the APEC Facebook page.
Because really, education is a privilege. Although a basic right, we all know that not everyone in this country gets access to education. My cousin A, who runs a program in Capiz for children of farmers, knows this all too well. When she first introduced her program, she found that parents would opt for their children to work the fields vs going to school. Because although schooling is free in public schools, they cannot afford to feed their kids and send them to school.

And what about quality education? 

A few weeks ago, while discussing enrollment plans with our temp helper, she mentioned that although her son goes to a semi-private school, she can only hope that he gets to find a good paying job after high school. Her eldest is pretty smart. He dreams of going to college, but right off, our helper says they cannot afford it. So when my friend Jen Tan shared about APEC schools on her Facebook page, I knew this was the answer! The country needs this.

APEC Schools is a partnership between Ayala and Pearson to transform Filipino lives through affordable, high quality education.

APEC or Affordable Private Education Center is a chain of private schools that offer quality private education based on international standards at an incredible, affordable price! Imagine sending your child to a school that offers World-class education - all for less than P24,000! That's for the whole year! And because they understand the needs of the working class Filipino who find it difficult to provide for their children, APEC's goal is to prepare their students for the real world right after they graduate from high school.

All APEC schools are accepting incoming 7th Grade students for this school year, and enrollment is still on-going. They currently have 12 branches. Classes start on July 14.

Checking out the APEC flyer at a Better Me session.

And with Ayala and Pearson at the helm, how can you go wrong? To know more about APEC schools, visit their Facebook page here or call them at (02) 956.7621.

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