Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Happy Birthday to Me! (A Post-Birthday Giveaway)

It was my birthday last Friday, and to celebrate, I wanted my friends to send in something different, aside from the usual birthday greet. So on Facebook, I asked them to send me a fan sign photo. Or any creative photo made especially for me. To get them going, I offered them a prize (I realize now that I only have a handful of willing friends, LOL).

Out of 33 photo greets, the kids and I were supposed to choose just our top 3. But there were actually 5 photos that stood out, showing my friends' efforts to make me happy (haha, babaw lang ng kaligayahan ko).

The following are our top picks:

My good friend Ganns (www.gannsdeen.com) sent me this photo, plus a cover of Jason Mraz's song "Make It Mine" personalized just for me. He calls it a musical selfie! So sweet!

My sales associate, Jhon, drew this caricature of me for my birthday! He is so talented!
If you want one made, you may contact him via text at 0927.3766481 or at 0908.6262471

My BFF Jenny sent me this one of my godson Mateo with Worship Generation shirts, folded to look like it says "HAPPY BDAY KAYE".
Pretty clever, huh? You can purchase Worship Generation shirts at House of Praise stores, Worship Generation stores or online through www.worshipgen.com

My co-BentoMomma, Monet, sent me this sign made out of bento tools cleverly laid out on a chopping board.
She sure knows what would capture my attention. Her son, Nino, holds their unique and creative birthday greeting!

Special mention goes to my beautiful friend Shiela, who actually sent me a fan sign! Yay!
Thank you, too, Mr. Patrol ng Pilipino, Alvin Elchico! Mwahh! LOL!

So anyway, I've decided to do something similar here, on my blog. See, I have 3 sets of Hillsong United tickets to giveaway. And although I had a contest planned, I wanted to do something different as well.

HILLSONG SELFIE - Concert Tickets Giveaway!
Note: In order to join this contest, you must:

A) Be able to catch the JUNE 11, 2014 concert. Again, please join only if you can make it on June 11. That's next Wednesday. Tickets cannot be exchanged for another concert date. You must be able to claim your tickets from me on the concert day itself, between 4-6PM, at Araneta Coliseum. Failure to claim your tickets before 6PM (unless previously arranged) will forfeit your prize.

B) Like the following on Facebook and Twitter first:

| facebook.com/FirstWivesClubBlog
| twitter.com/nappyKAYE
| twitter.com/beccamusic
| twitter.com/myhouseofpraise

Okay, now that we got that out of the way (I shall check, so please don't skip!), here's what you need to do:

1) Take a selfie with as much Hillsong product merchandise as you can. Merchandise includes (but are not limited to) CDs, DVDs, posters, collectibles, songbooks, photos, shirts, concert souvenirs, fan art, etc. Photo MUST NOT be a collage because you MUST be in the photo with the merch. I encourage you to be as creative as you can, BUT PLEASE USE ORIGINAL CDs AND DVDs. Pirated products will automatically disqualify your entry.

2) Post the photo on my Facebook page wall (http://facebook.com/FirstWivesClubBlog), telling me why you want to watch the Hillsong United concert (as photo caption) and tag Becca Music Inc, House of Praise, along with the two friends you want to bring along to the concert. Share your entry on your timeline and invite your friends to like your photo.

3) On Twitter (optional, but appreciated), tweet me this message "Hey @nappyKAYE! I want to win those #HillsongUnited tickets! Check out my entry on your page! #HillsongSelfie #FWCweeklygiveaway"

4) And finally, on this post, leave a comment (Name, Email address, Link to your Facebook post, Link to your Tweet) so I can double-check that you left an entry. I don't want to accidentally miss out on your photo!

You have until 12noon of June 9 (Monday) to post your entry. Only one entry per person is allowed. If you submit more than one photo, only your first photo will be considered. Winning photos will be judged based on the following criteria:

Creativity/Originality - 40%
Effort - 20%
Optimal Use of Hillsong United Merchandise - 20%
Visual Appeal/Impact - 10%
Number of Likes - 10%

The person who poses with the most number of merchandise on his or her photo will not necessary win this contest. Likewise, the number of likes will play a part, but will not necessarily make you automatically win this contest if your photo gets the most likes. Please take note of the criteria above, and plan your entry. From the number of entries posted on my wall, my friends and I will pick out our Top 3. The best entries will win the following:

will win three (3) Hillsong United PATRON - SRO Tickets
(valid only for June 11, 2014 concert)

will each win three (3) Hillsong United UPPER BOX B Tickets
(valid only for June 11, 2014 concert)

In addition to these winners, we will also award the following prizes to SPECIAL MENTIONS:

MOST LIKED ENTRY (1 winner) 
will each win a Hillsong United gift pack from House of Praise 

Winners will be announced on this blog on Monday night. They will also be notified via email (so make sure you leave a comment with a valid and working email address).

Also, please note that if you decide to forfeit your ticket prize (in case you win, that is), I will not be able to take a selfie with your tickets in front of the venue as your souvenir (as requested by a previous winner). I will be working on our merch tables that day. I hope you understand. Hehe.

Anyway, that's it. Happy Birthday to me! Let's see those entries! Yay!

Edit (Monday, 9 June 2014/10:01am): Hi everyone! I am sick and out of the office. As such, I am moving the #HillsongSelfie contest deadline to 1159pm tonight. Photos will be judged tomorrow morning. Winners will be announced at 1pm Tuesday.

That gives you the rest of the day to submit your entries, fix your tags, share the photo and get more likes! If you haven't left a comment on the blog post, please do so!

Thank you for understanding. This blogger has the flu - after getting the flu shot last Friday. Sigh. 


  1. Sarah Mae N. Mariano




  2. Marco Gonzaga, itsmorefunmarco@gmail.com , facebook entry : https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=803409763003767&set=o.284792181622008&type=1&theater , MyTweet: https://twitter.com/MarcoDJGonzaga/status/474472272925708289 HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :)

  3. Jaylord A. Rodriguez, jaylordriguez@gmail.com. Facebook post link: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10202685464675786&set=o.284792181622008&type=1&theater Finally, twitter post link: https://twitter.com/jayd_rodriguez/status/474530232783740931

  4. Sorry the first one had a typo error on the emal address :) Jaylord A. Rodriguez, jaylordrodriguez@gmail.com. Facebook post link: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10202685464675786&set=o.284792181622008&type=1&theater Finally, twitter post link: https://twitter.com/jayd_rodriguez/status/474530232783740931

  5. Name: Angelique C. Navarro
    Email: angelique.navarro@yahoo.com
    FB Post: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=763230553700522&set=o.284792181622008&type=1&theater
    Twitter Post:https://twitter.com/renlique/status/474626402843496449


  6. Name: Marc Daniel V. Rivera
    Email: highersoaring at yahoo dot com
    FB Post: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=719622234745860&set=o.284792181622008&type=1&permPage=1
    Twitter Post: https://twitter.com/justDanYell/status/475133365348093953

    Thanks and Blessings! :)

  7. Name: Rachelle Leah San Pedro

    E-mail: rachelleleah_rivera@yahoo.com

    Facebook entry: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=910183752341332&set=o.284792181622008&type=1&theater

    Twitter post: https://twitter.com/CannonJenkinz26/status/473816576840323072

  8. Name:Bianca Chloe G. Bonifacio
    Email address: bianca_chloe11@yahoo.com.ph
    Link to your Facebook post: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10201043969421292&set=o.284792181622008&type=1
    Link to your Tweet: https://twitter.com/girlBYEanca/status/475587786729218048

    Hi Hopes up! TBG :D

  9. Name: Joy Mariel Regondola
    Email address: joymarielmr@yahoo.com
    Link to my Facebook post: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10203459295116950&set=o.284792181622008&type=1&ref=notif&notif_t=like
    Link to my Twitter post: https://twitter.com/joymariel/status/475811519007961088

  10. Name: Alyssa Denise G. Urquiola
    E-Add: aldenurquiola@ymail.com
    FB Link: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=761334593888200&set=o.284792181622008&type=1&theater

  11. Name: rocky r viernes
    E-Add: ockyr_16@yahoo.com
    FB Linkhttps://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=800516086632758&set=o.284792181622008&type=1&theater


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