Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Choco Na Gatas!

My kids love fresh milk. I found a milk distributor in our area who delivers fresh milk straight to our doorstep (will post about them soon). However, because of the intense heat, and because A stayed over at my parents' place for most of the summer, I've had to cancel my orders for fresh milk until the rainy and cooler season comes. The milk spoils fast in this heat, even inside the refrigerator.

But RL, who nursed 'til he was 2, isn't really fond of powdered milk. He has lost so much weight since I weaned him, because he didn't exactly like the taste of local milk. I've had to mix choco powder to plain, full cream powdered milk just so he'd drink it.

And because he loves chocolate milk, this was a welcome treat for him!

Special thanks to Bear Brand and Nuffnang Philippines!

We've been buying Bear Brand Choco from the office coop for over a year now. RL loves this, so Momma is happy to oblige when he tells me he no longer has his "Choco na Gatas, Gatas na Choco" as they so aptly coined in their product commercial.

A few weeks ago, Nuffnang Philippines sent me Bear Brand Choco's latest promo pack. In it was an 800g pack of Bear Brand Choco and a FREE Ice Shaker - perfect for the heat!

RL literally forced me to make him a glass right away. We still had an open pack so I used that instead of this brand new one. It's so easy to make a glass of ice-cold Bear Brand Choco using their shaker! Here's how:

1) Fill the glass with 180ml of water.
2) Scoop in 3 tablespoons of Bear Brand Choco.
3) Add 2-3 pieces of ice.

Now here comes the fun part!

4) Cover and shake!

5) Shake, shake, shake!

6) Shake some more! (RL loves this part)

7) Open and Enjoy!


RL loves his Bear Brand Choco Shake!

You can enjoy this ice-cold drink without the shaker! Any glass or reusable water bottle with lid will do. But you can still catch the promo packs at leading supermarkets nationwide. It retails for P206.00 at Shopwise.

Thank you, Bear Brand!


  1. My little girl loved the taste of this too! So do I...

    1. Yes, it's good. My girl drinks this, too. :)


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