Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Love Is NOT Jealous

how many times have you heard this phrase? LOVE IS NOT JEALOUS. i remember ex-boyfriends telling me this. (hmmm... a way for them to drive me nuts, possibly?) come to think of it, D emphasized this during one of our bible studies. i dunno. i am not jealous, you know, as in jealous, jealous. i am not even envious of them all. in fact, most of the time, i feel luckier, more blessed. because i am THE ONE. whereas, they are not.

and yet, here i am... sitting here, alone again. waiting. and i am thinking to myself... why should love not be jealous, when i, being THE ONE, deserved all of his time and attention? why should they get more of him? more of his time and who-knows-what-else?!

PTC once said something like true, love isn't jealous, but if it means protecting your family from destruction, then it isn't called jealousy. yes, i am protecting my family. i am not trying to covet someone else's man. this is MY MAN. and we are HIS FAMILY. no, T... i am not being jealous. i am fighting for someone who is rightfully mine. i am fighting to keep my family intact. and i will do anything to do so. anything. everything. because love is indeed not jealous...

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