Tuesday, May 8, 2007


G came over tonight with T. surprise! surprise! he's back from singapore. imagine that. but ha! he's heading back, in two months. says his boss gave him a break to rethink the contract. i doubt his boss wants him to leave, i mean, after all, he quit his job three times already. and yet, he always has this new contract to consider.

how many times did i tell G to tell him to stay? to come back to manila where his heart obviously is? sigh. men! they want something but they are so indecisive. come to think of it, most women are the same. how many times has G expressed her desire to have him back home with the kids? how many times did she cry buckets because she wished he was by her side? sometimes, it's better to act spontaneously. that way, when it happens, it happens. and you have no choice, no chance to take things back. it's 50/50. it's either you regret or you rejoice. but when you linger... when you are trying to decide and you get the chance to weigh your options... ay-yah!

anyway, T tried calling R tonight, while G and i watched the kids run around the driveway. but ha! his phone was off. this time, i wasn't gonna let the devil plant thoughts into my head. nope. no-sir-ree... this time, i will trust God. and let God. i suppose i scored an 8 outta 10 tonight. i still texted my bro-in-law M. see, he called earlier to look for his brother. but i honestly didn't know where he was. in fact, at 9pm, while heading home from galle (yep, all that 3 minutes in the car), i resolved to pretend not to care. resolved to stop checking and calling or texting even (but not totally since i was planning on showering him with my love when he's asleep and snoring, hehe). and then i found out from M that R's mobile was once again off. hohum. so much for trying to act like i didn't care. suddenly, paranoia crept in and i could feel it killing me once more. not again. sigh. i turned on the tv and spent 30 minutes watching entertainment news on 2nd avenue. that's when G and T showed up. ah! distraction! then right when they left, i recalled R calling earlier about his missing charger. ha! he probably just went to dad's place to see if he left his charger there. and so, i couldn't help it. i texted M.

haha! i was right! they're at the wake. he did go to dad's place! and since M was looking for him earlier so R could go with him to paz, that's exactly what happened.

sometimes, you just know... i suppose it's cause you are of one flesh. and it goes for all things. i mean, you're connected, somehow. like me, for instance...i know if R's happy. or if he's planning a surprise. if the pillow he gave you for your anniv came from someone else (read: girl friday). if he's out with his flavor of the bi-week (haha!). if he's hiding the phone because... well, because he's got a lot to hide. hmmm... i just know. haha. yea, whoopie! lucky me. :P

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