Monday, May 7, 2007

Peri Peri Chicken

yup, nothing delights us more than discovering a new chicken place (since the hubby doesn't eat anything that isn't chicken or fish). this store has been at the promenade for over a year (i think). but we never had the chance to try it 'til yesterday.

the grub
since we normally do not eat rice or anything heavy at night, we chose to share the half peri peri chicken with 2 sidelines (sidings in PPC speak). the hubby didn't want us to have anything oily or heavy so he took the liberty of getting two orders of tortilla wraps, which was ok with me since i wasn't in the mood to eat anyway.

the chicken was yummy. we had a quarter in lemon garlic and the other quarter in peri mild. came with two large servings of salsa and some gravy, so it made a very tasty chicken wrap. at 239pesos (i think, i don't normally look at the price, teehee)... twas a great and fulfilling deal.

the place
we were there at half past 9, so the place was semi-packed. although the door was kept open, the place was cool. thing is, most of the night's shift probably left for home, so that left the crew with less hands to keep the place clean. the toilets were next to the clean up/ kitchen area towards the back. the floor was wet and slippery. i had to make sure my havaianas wouldn't slip (and you know how slippery havies get when on wet floors). some of the evening's crew were ready to leave so a couple of them were hogging the toilets to change, so no peepee break for me. nyar.

also, our table was not set when we got there. we were served chicken without the condiment tray and i noticed the peri sauce bottles on the other tables a chicken meal too late. the bottles were half full, so i suppose it makes for a better peri chicken meal (it says so on one of the posters too!). hohum.

overall, peri peri is a great place to have chicken. hehehe. yea, we're coming back, i am pretty sure. next time, i just have to make sure i take that peepee break somewhere else first. ;P

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