Thursday, November 4, 2010

22 Months, 4 Weeks - Naughty Stage

That's what it said on the subject of the email that came in today. Can you believe it's been that long?

My little boy is almost 23 months old. And yes, he is at that naughty stage. Fancy how the email from a parenting site came at just the right time. Just last night, I experienced this to the maximum. We were at an outlet store, and I was attempting to shop with a hyperactive little boy, who didn't care that there were others in the shop with them. He was reprimanded over a dozen times, to no avail. I could sense that RL didn't care; He was having fun! There was another kid in the store and they were playing tag.


Then he didn't want to sleep. He stayed up watching videos of Special Agent Oso on his Achi's laptop. Fell asleep on the chair, because he refused to move to the bed. My little boy has a mind of his own.

Where did all the time go? I no longer have a baby!

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