Thursday, November 18, 2010

Christmas... here! In our house, at least. Well, somewhat.

The Christmas Tree is up. And the garland is now draped over the banister. Two stockings are hung (I can't find the other one! Argh!), and hmmm... we have new Christmas placemats.

I've been looking all over for our tree skirt, and I've gone through box after box (after box!), to no avail. Where can I get a nice plain tree skirt nowadays? Hmmm.

And yea, I found those battery lights! I asked the nanny to go looking for it last week, but she couldn't find them. I looked through the same box she looked through, and there they were! In the same box!

Yes, Christmas is here!


Christmas is A's favorite holiday ever! I suppose every child feels the same way. But she just can't wait. About 2 weeks ago, while watching the news, I was horrified by the fact that Christmas was less than 50 days away. And my daughter was horrified because Christmas was "still 50 days away???!!!"

How funny is that? Here I am, worried that Christmas is so soon, while A sees it as a problem that her favorite holiday is still so far away! Hahaha!

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  1. Hi Kaye! I have been away for 4 months that's why I have to back track all your posts since July. Wheew... it's nice to know that you moved to a new place (we're neighbors na pala ah). Reading most of your posts is my habit while taking a break from my computer work. Thanks God, you're always okay and A and RL. Regards.



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