Friday, November 12, 2010

Today is the Beginning...

...of my wallet's death. LOL. Christmas is around the corner, all these crazy, CRAZY SALES are here!

Richwell's Annual Warehouse Sale starts today (see previous post on this here). And what more, Little Tikes' Warehouse Sale starts today as well! can you spell C-R-A-Z-Y?

I had it all planned. I asked my nanny to go on her day off tomorrow instead so she can line up with me when we go to Richwell after lunch. But then, my youngest brother sent me a text, asking me to bring RL to a photoshoot today at 2PM (the little one will be modeling for GetBlued).

So now, my schedule's all messed up. Not to mention that I'm still at work! Argh.

Anyway, if you see me shopping at any of these two places today (avec two noisy, crazy kids and a distraught nanny), do say HI. :) Happy, crazy shopping, everyone!


How does your Christmas List look like? Mine's super long! I'm thinking if I should cut off a few from my list this year? Hmmmm... my wallet's dying!

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