Saturday, July 9, 2011


Took my lappy with me on vacay, but right now, I'm feeling too lazy to actually blog and upload photos. It's 1030am, and the kids are still in bed. We had a full day yesterday, so today's going to be a slow day.

I don't even have anything planned. I guess it changes when you're old(er). I wasn't even excited to go on any of the rides at the park yesterday. Contented myself with shopping for and with RL (who didn't care much that he wasn't riding any of the rides either) while A did her round of the rides, etc.

I suppose it's a good thing we have annual passes. I don't want to be that stressed out momma crazy-panicking about getting our moolah's worth. Yes, we took it in the way we always do. Relaxed and at a leisurely (wait, over-leisurely) pace. LOL.

This is what we did at the park yesterday. We got there at 12noon (late to start with).

- checked out Mickey and Minnie on Main Street (line was too long, and it was too HOT - last time we did the photos with the characters, I promised to never do that again during the summer)
- upgrade Magic Pass
- checked out Main Street shops
- watched the new parade
- Hainanese Chicken lunch
- checked out shop
- claim Magic Pass gift
- took the Jungle Cruise
- checked out another shop
- Philharmagic
- checked out a shop outside Philharmagic
- checked out shop beside Banquet Hall
- checked out Pooh's Corner shop
- Small World (RL's favorite ride)
- checked out shop outside Space Mountain
- checked out shop outside Astro Blasters
- Fried Chicken and BBQ Chicken Wings dinner (yes, chicken again)
- Astro Blasters
- checked out shops again on Main Street

We were in shops all day! A even exclaimed several times - "Wow, we came to Disney to shop!" LOL! Well, RL was asleep half of the afternoon so technically, I had nothing to do. You can't take the stroller in (even with the shows) and I can't take him out of the stroller. So no choice. But I've been in this situation before. This is RL's 6th time here (I think). Once, I think on a trip with my siblings, RL slept the whole time we were at Disneyland. And I literally just sat with him and the stroller to watch the birds attack leftovers (Disney has crazy local birds that aren't quite scared of humans). So yes, this isn't anything new. What's new is: A wanting to laze around with me. I usually let her get on the rides by herself. Or watch some of the shows, while I wait outside with RL. This time though, she got on a few rides and then shopped. LOL.

RL - Framed! LOL at the milk bottle! Obvious bang pawis? It's was sooo hot!

Look who's in the new parade at Hong Kong Disneyland! 

Our Hainanese lunch at Tahitian Terrace, Adventureland.

RL, shopping for plush toys at Pooh's Corner.

The family that shops together, stays together.

So much for the Disney visit. We didn't even wait for the fireworks. Took the train to Tung Chung to shop for groceries at Taste.

We were talking about going to Kowloon Bay today for Mega Box. But I have this thought looming in my head. I have to get Steve to bring us a box for Monday. No way I'm lugging the Ikea stuff with me back to the airport with 2 kids, luggages and a stroller. Oh well. We'll see.

Oh, I'm in the homeland for the weekend. :)

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