Thursday, July 28, 2011


I'm taking a break from blogging. I feel the pressure of having to write all sorts, when really, I started this blog to get away from pressure. Now how ironic is that?

I'm feeling so out of it today, and no, it isn't that time of the month. I've been sick for the past 3 weeks, and although I feel better and am actually better, there are tons of things to do. Hence, the need to go on break.

But I'll be back soon enough. I just need to upgrade my vaio and get the speed going, because right now, the memory chip's acting up and I have everything dragging at a snail's pace.

I got a call this morning from a friend who told me about how a group of friends from school have recently made it their business to talk about other people's business. I mean, getting together to make "chika" is acceptable, but disguising it as bible study is another. I mean, give me a break! You think it makes it any less of a sin to gossip when you do it under the guise of "matters of concern" or prayer requests? C'mon! MYOB! Praying for others does not warrant you to talk about their affairs!

My new nanny can't cook. So I cook dinner almost everyday. Unless I have lazy bones and I tell her to open a can of Spam (which reminds me, I have to restock!). I've been getting really good at cooking (I've always loved to cook, but I can get really lazy just thinking about it). The other night, I made Chinese Pork Pata Adobo, complete with Banana Blossoms. Nom! And it was the bomb! My kids enjoyed it so much they had more than second servings, which is a plus for little RL, who doesn't eat much.

So yea, I've been really stressed at home as well. Plus A's exams are next week!

I've been talking about a revamp for the longest time, and well, what do you think? A friend called my attention on the title of the blog (yes, this blog), about how I used First Wives Club and how it contradicts my stand on marriage. But I've known this blog as that for so long, would it be right to change what it's called when it's been that since... well, forever?

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  1. Keep the title Kaye
    It actually lures wives who have been wronged by their husbands to read your blogs only to discover that yours is one that fights for the marriage. It may encourage them to make a stand and to know that God is aware of what's happening in their marriages


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