Tuesday, July 19, 2011

List Fulfilled!

Remember that shopping list? Well my brother's back! And he outdid himself big time! LOL! Not only did he find RL the Special Agent Oso R.R. Rapide Command Center, he also found a Timmy Talking Plush on Clearance! (Imagine this: Timmy saying Bah! And snoring when made to lie on his back or side! So kyot!) He also got A a Littlest Pet Shop Backpack with matching Lunch Pack, plus a Littlest Pet Shop Plush! He also got her a Lego set from the Lego store! Such a great uncle! I love my brother! Kekeke!

Excuse the shoes, but this was taken in my brother's room. Kekeke.

RL checking out Special Agent Oso's R.R. Rapide Command Center...

Special Agent Oso gets his gear on by pushing him against the wall. Magic!

Busy with Oso. It's all part of the plan... well, more of less.

It's Timmy Time! :) Bah!

Littlest Pet Shop swag for my not-so-little girl.

Actually, my brother wants this for himself. Kekeke!

Ok, so can any of you guess what I got? LOL!


  1. My daughter loves timmy from Shaun the sheep series. I saw your blog about the toy and where can I buy some of those?? Really been wanting to find one,thanks.

  2. Hi Jaja! The Timmy talking plush is from the US. My brother got it from Target.

    I know someone who has a batch of Timmy plush (non-talking kind) coming in next month. You may want to ask if Timmy is still available. I had one reserved previously, but cancelled my reservation when my brother got RL a talking Timmy plush.

    https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=157759550959217&set=a.157759097625929.38503.100001755184848&type=1&theater - her name is Janelyn. You may tell her that I referred you. :)


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