Tuesday, July 5, 2011


...and I don't like it. The kids and I are off to our annual trip to the homeland on Thursday, and we're all down with the bug. I don't know how we caught it, but RL had the sniffles, then I caught it, then now, A has it too. And it has mutated into one big, fat bug! We're all on antibiotics. Nyar.

I don't really like dealing with sickness, especially one that involves the kids. It gives me stress. I also detest getting sick along with them (to think I opted to get the flu shot this year), because I can't take care of them the way I should. Yesterday, I had a head-splitting headache that just won't go away. I literally had tears in my eyes!

Took RL to the pedia today, and I thought I was well enough for work in the afternoon. But the headache and fever came back with a vengeance after lunch, and I just had to get myself back in bed. Or die.

My mom called to say we should watch out, because there's a crazy virus going around. Yea, if it hasn't reached us yet (what do you call this, if not crazy). And yes, my brother says we have to keep resistance up, so that means, we're hitting the parks (and the gym) for good ol' exercise when this bug's done and dead.

I hope your families are well!


  1. Naku, get well!
    If it helps, when I get sick I down a can of pineapple juice (the 1 liter can, all of it) and then I take Pharmaton. For your kids, juice din if they can take it. And siempre, meds. Take care!

  2. I had, not one, but 3 huge cans of Pineapple Juice! Didn't work this time. :( It's the big, bad bug talaga. First time to be this sick. The kids are on Co-Amoxiclav na, and yes, it's that bad. :(


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