Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Shopping List

My brother is leaving for a business trip. I'm leaving for a trip as well, but there are things you can only get in the US. So I am sending him a list and hopefully, he finds time to get me at least one thing from my list (and Lord, please not just the Neosporin! LOL!).


1. Neosporin + Pain Relief - from any supermarket, drugstore, Walmart or Target

Best First-Aid Ointment when you have active kids!

2. Body by Victoria - from Victoria's Secret

The Fragrance - long-lasting smell.

The Body Mist

3. Night Blooming Jasmine Body Mist - from Bath and Body Works.

My fave everyday scent.

4. Special Agent Oso R. R Rapide Command Center - from Target, Walmart or Toys R' Us

RL has been wanting this toy since he first saw it on the net!

5. Special Agent Oso Training Pack Coldfingers - from Target, Walmart or Toys R' Us

This is the only one missing from RL's Training Pack set!

6. Timmy Plush from Timmy Time - from Target

Aside from Special Agent Oso, RL also loves Timmy from Timmy Time!

7. Littlest Pet Shop Backpack - from Target, Walmart or Toys R' Us

8. Littlest Pet Shop Lunch Bag - from Target, Walmart or Toys R' Us

Dami no? Just giving him options. He doesn't have a month to shop. He'll be in the US for 4 days! Yes, just like that trip I took in 2008. Hehe, I'm buying him stuff from the homeland as well. So quits lang kami. Kekeke.

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