Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Congratulations, Babe!

My not-so-little girl transferred to her big, all-girls school last year. And although it was a huge change for her (having studied in a small school from the age of 4), she managed very well. I really have no problems with A when it comes to going to school. She LOVES school. She hates holidays and summer vacay, and gets pretty bored at home. She loves everything about her new school - the fact that she now has new friends, over a dozen new teachers, busmates, a school library, clubs, activities, a huge cafeteria, etc.

Remember when I blogged about final exams and how I felt I was pushing A too hard? Well our hard work has paid off! When I went to her school Friday morning, her homeroom teacher told me how A has blossomed in class, so much so that they don't even remember she's a new student. And yay, because A made it to her school's Honor Assembly! With a cool O average, too! That's O for 'Outstanding' and not O for 'Ows?!!', Dugong! LOL!

Can't tell you just how proud I am of my daughter. She's mighty proud of her achievement, too! So maybe I did push her just right.

Congratulations, Babe! Congratulations to us! Yay!

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