Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Curse

Remember this post? Check the date. I posted that less than a month ago. Call me psychic but...

Our nanny is freaking pregnant!


I knew it! When I noticed her reaction to my observation on how our neighbor's nanny looked pregnant (turns out I was right and she is!), I thought of how it would be if our nanny would get pregnant, too. She's been so sensitive lately. And something about her looks different. Alas, today, I finally asked her.

I mean, I wonder when she'd tell me about it, had I not asked her today. She knows how I hate surprises. I mean, ok, I'm happy for her, and I truly appreciate how she's taken care of my kids vs. being there for her own kids (aged 8 and 13). But c'mon, she practically begged me to take her back last year because she had debts to pay. So what gives? What happened to protection?

So I asked her. Apparently, she forgot to take the pill right before she left for her day off in November. And I asked her what pill she was taking, because I don't recall seeing her take any. So she proceeds to tell me, it's a pill she takes only when she's about to do 'it'. Hello? What pill again?!

Turns out, she thinks any birth control pill will work when taken right before the act. O_o

A-ya! I think I have the 'Curse of the Pregnant Nannies'. :( Does this mean we're back to looking for a new one, because obviously this one can't stay long? A's long-time nanny has expressed her desire to take her sister's place (her sister is our current nanny). But A's nanny has young kids (you already know her story).

Why am I so lucky with nannies? (yes, that was a sarcastic Q!)


  1. my brother in law has a similar curse, "the curse of the pregnant household helpers". it's a good thing his nannies never got preggers since he is a single dad and he needs them to take care of his son. and the culprits are always the neighbors' driver or hardinero or houseboy! so you aren't the only one that's got a "curse".

  2. Hehe, I know. Our neighbor's yaya left last year because she was pregnant. Now the nanny that replaced her is pregnant too, and leaving on the 14th.


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