Wednesday, October 17, 2012


I was never a coffee drinker. I only drink it to keep me awake at work. I don't remember drinking coffee in college (okay maybe once or twice during all-nighters) but I never really liked the stuff.

Today however, I cannot live without coffee. I need it to jump-start my mornings, or get me past sleepyhead mode after lunch. I drink it during exam week and even encourage A to drink a cup with me when we have to study past midnight (it helps us focus). I am now a coffee person, and I must say, I love it!

McDonald's has been serving Iced Coffee for some time now. They recently launched their McCafe Coffee Floats, and I must say I rushed off to get one as soon as I found out! But it was hot that day, and I forgot to take a photo (read: I drank it up as soon as I got hold of it). I've been meaning to blog about it, but yes, every time I drive thru for one, I cannot help but take a sip.

Oops! Forgot to take a fresh-from-the-store photo.
The Soft-serve has melted into the coffee! Hehe.
So today, right after lunch at Suzu Kin, I had asked my friend GT to hold the cup for me. Yes, keep it away until we get back to the office and I get to snap a decent photo! LOL! We took a photo with the digicam for good measure. But it made it in one piece when I got to the office so...

Ah! The McCafe Coffee Float from McDonald's! I love it!

The McCafe Coffee Float is P49.00 ala carte (add P25 to upgrade your value meal drinks), and is a refreshing wake-me-upper! It comes in big cup so you're sure to indulge for half the day (ok, maybe not... LOL!) but yes, it's the perfect drink to accompany you on lazy workday afternoons.

Think coffee, ice cream and chocolate. Mmmmm... fresh, cool, creamy and chocolatey - just for me! It has the caffeine kick, with just the right sweetness and creaminess that satisfies that craving for coffee. What a cool way to perk up!

Try it today! Visit a McDonald's store near you or order via!

Yes, that's right. Stare at this photo. It's calling out to you! LOL!

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