Tuesday, October 9, 2012

RL Funnies: Trick or Trick!

We were already in bed when my little boy decided to have a word with me...

RL: "Next time, don't trick me again, ok?"
K: "Trick you?"
RL: "Yes, trick me!"
K: "But I never trick you!"
RL: "Yes, you did! Remember, you said you weren't going to bring the iPad then you were hiding it in your bag, and I looked and looked inside the cabinet, the drawers, under the bed, behind the clothes, all over your room, and I can't find it because you brought it to the office! You said you didn't bring it but you did! You tricked me!"

Okay... do i have an old guy in a 3-year old body for a kid? Lol! Can't trick him, nope! No, sir!

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