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Real-world connections - that is something we hardly ever have nowadays in the world of digital. Imagine how it is at the dinner table with everyone taking out their gadgets - makes conversation a thing of the past. My mom has a rule, and that is "No gadgets at the dining table." This makes a lot of sense considering we hardly ever get to catch up apart from lunch or dinner, so she makes it a point to restrict anything that has to do with a phone, tablet and the like. Meals are strictly gadget-free.

This is the same premise behind McDonald's and Coca-Cola's new "baby" - their way to encourage people to stay offline a little longer, if only for the duration of a meal, and thus, enjoy real world connections. While they acknowledge that our digital connections make it easier for us to meet and connect with other people (thank you, Facebook, Twitter and the like for getting all of us connected!), McDonald's and Coca-Cola both believe that it is real-life moments that make lasting, meaningful memories. We're talking about warm hugs, face-to-face encounters, etc.

(L-R) McDonald's Philippines President and CEO, Kenneth Yang, with Ronald McDonald, and Coca-Cola Philippines President and General Manager, Guillermo Aponte.

"McDonald's and Coca-Cola have been partners for close to 60 years, together providing millions of customers great tasting food and beverages best share together", said McDonald's Philippines President and CEO, Kenneth Yang. "Today, together as well, McDonald's and Coca-Cola are taking a stand that real-life connections fuel our digital lives and enrich our relationships", added Coca-Cola Philippines President and General Manager, Guillermo Aponte.

Thus, McDonald's and Coca-Cola are celebrating real-world connections with the new McDonald's BFF Bundles - an exciting menu offering designed to be shared among friends and family!

#BetterTogether indeed!

There are two sizes of BFF Bundles:

Group of three (3): only P399
Group of four (4): only P559

You can also choose between a BFF Burger Bundle or a BFF Chicken Bundle. With these bundles, customers get to customize their meals, choosing between their favorite McDonald's products.

Make your own Burger Bundle...

BFF Burger Bundle for 4! 
Choose from your favorite McDonald's Burgers and enjoy them with the new BFF Fries and refreshingly ice-cold Regular Coke!

BFF Chicken Bundle for 4!
You can either get the 1-pc Chicken McDo with Spaghetti or the 2-pc Chicken McDo with rice - complete with 2 BFF Fries and Regular Coke!

Snack time? No problem! You can also get your BFF Fries with 3 Coke Floats for only P150! What a great deal!

The BFF Fries + Coke McFloat Combo. Only P150!


BFF Fries and Coke McFloat time at the office...

Real-time connecting with Jeron at McDonald's... ❤ 

McDonald's BFF Bundles are available for Dine-In, Take-Out, Drive-Thru and via McDelivery! Call 8-MCDO/ 86-2-36 or log on to!

So what are you waiting for? Visit a McDonald's store and celebrate real-world connections!

Yes, there's something new at McDonald's, and I am loving it!


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