Saturday, April 5, 2014

What's On Sale (PART 1)? #MembersTreat

I've read a lot of negative feedback on this month's Members' Treat - comments claiming that S&R only has a few items on sale. I'd like to refute that by posting these photos. 

Also, I DO NOT WORK FOR S&R AND THIS IS NOT A PAID POST. In fact, I have been reprimanded several times by store personnel for taking photos in their stores (hence the blurry pics, where I try to do this as discreet as I can). 

The following photos are a mix of NON-FOOD ITEMS from different stores. I have no inside information on whether these items are still in stock. Photos already show their before and after prices (and peso savings), otherwise, I will add the price in captions. I chose the products based on personal preference and discounts offered. I always say that the best time to go to S&R Members' Treat are on its first day, second day (at another branch, usually BGC), then again on its last day. If you want to avoid the crowd, go around 7PM and shop 'til closing time. You still have until tomorrow, April 6, to make it to an S&R store near you!

Set of 4 Drinking Glasses (assorted styles: water goblet, wine, scotch, whisky, etc); BUY ONE, TAKE ONE! P349.95

Rubbermaid Reusable Animal Ice Packs; BUY ONE, TAKE ONE! P169.95

Rubbermaid Shoe Cubby Hanging Unit; SALE PRICE: P1,699.95

Indoor/ Outdoor Area Rug, 6'x9'; SALE PRICE: P1,199.95

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