Monday, April 28, 2014

Oops, I Did It Again!

I was planning on catching up with my list of pending blog posts over the weekend. However, the nanny is on vacation and her sister, our old nanny (actually, the one who replaced our real nanny when she had her kids) is subbing for her. The catch is, she can't work without bringing her 18-month old and her 10-year old, who she claims she asked to tag along so he can watch his little brother while she works. It's funny because I haven't seen her do much aside from a little laundry at night when her two kids are asleep. She hasn't cooked us a decent meal since (it's been a week now), and can't even watch RL for a good 3 minutes when her little one cries and asks to get picked up. I don't know how she thought her 10-year old would cooperate. Every time she lets him watch his little brother, he either plays tricks on him that he cries, or he tells him his Mom has left, such that he cries even more.

I know, I know. I thought I needed a temp, and now I am thinking maybe I don't. I've been bringing RL to work since she came, because who knows what he'll do if I leave him at home? I left him once (Monday last week) and found him holed up in the maid's room, with the two boys (who were both coughing when they came). Alas, RL started coughing Monday night, so I thought I'd prevent it from getting worse. So... I've been bringing him with me everywhere ever since.

The thing is, I can't let her go just yet. My mom's helper has retired so my helper does their laundry. I was discussing this with KY the other night, and she says Mom says right now, I have no choice. Argh!

My mom was more concerned about A staying at home with the 10-year old, so she's back to staying over my mom's place since last week, and comes home only on the weekends. I miss my teddy bear. :(

And, I was really ready to blog Saturday night, but R asked to spend the day with us. Hehe, I know. That is a major roadblock. He actually spent most of the weekend with the kids. Most, not all. We went to pick up new stocks for RL's online shop (he's been selling this and that in the office, and has made enough to get himself a new toy plus some. I'm surprised R had the patience to wait while the kids and I went "shopping". God is good. :)

Basically, I did it again. Put the blog on hold, I mean. I hope I can find time to blog this week!

Later, friends!

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  1. I love your blog. Spent the night reading through most of your posts. I just hope you see your ex husband for what he really is and not what you wish him to be, knock your blinders off of your eyes. He is just the biological father of your children. When we get down to brass tacks, YOU, have been these children's ONLY parent. He is just an occasional unreliable presence. Showing up once in a while a father does not make. It's good you are cordial with him that you allow him to see the kids but I hope you are cognizant of his true nature. You are not married to him anymore! Maybe on paper but that's as far as it goes. Don't buy in to the hype that happily ever after has to have mother, father and kids together. That's hypocrisy. If he really wants you and your kids back, he has to do more than spend a weekend with you. Yun sustento meron ba? You make it so easy for him to walk all over you. Ate, padaanin mo naman sa butas ng karayum. Friends kung friends, sabi mo eh, pero don't set yourself and the kids for another world of hurt. WAKE UP! You are beautiful and enough, realize that!


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