Saturday, April 5, 2014

Loot! #MembersTreat

I know I should have posted this first thing Wednesday, but I had so much to do at work that this had to wait. And so, you only have today and tomorrow to make it to S&R - but I hope this and the succeeding post will make you want to go. I will be back tomorrow afternoon to catch the tail end of Members' Treat. My MIL and I were supposed to go last night, but I had to back out at the last minute, so we're going tomorrow instead.

As I've mentioned previously, I already got most of what I wanted from S&R during their March Big Deals Sale. That didn't stop me from getting more during Members' Treat. Hehe. Here's a few of my S&R loot (the rest are already in the attic, and it's just too hot to go up and take a photo. It's a sauna up there!)...

Hunts Snack Pack Pudding: Vanilla/ Chocolate 12s; SALE PRICE P139.95
I already got a lot of these last month, but RL has learned to love pudding, so I got more.

Starbucks Dark Chocolate Mocha Frappuccino, 405ml; SALE PRICE: P114.95
S&R, please bring in Dark Peppermint Mocha next time!

Cocon Yogo Ice 2 packs; SALE PRICE: P69.95 
This is RL's favorite. Perfect for the hot, summer months!

KOKA Instant Laksa Noodles, 5/90g; SALE PRICE: P119.95
My favorite!!!

Hormel Pepperoni Twin Links; SALE PRICE: P74.95
Perfect for Bento meals and mini pizzas!!

Rubbermaid Take Alongs Bake & Take, 2-pc pack; SALE PRICE: P199.95
(also available in blue - in the attic, so took a photo of the set I got in March)

Rubbermaid Rectangular Take Alongs 2-pc pack; SALE PRICE: P199.95
This wasn't on sale at Congressional, but was on sale the following day at the BGC store.

Kotex Natural Balance Unscented Pantiliners, 256pcs; SALE PRICE: P399.95
I am so happy that this is cheaper by P100 this year! Yes, on sale last time, but cheaper this time!

Labour Dishwashing Paste (Look! Bigger containers!), 800g; SALE PRICE: P69.95

Mr. Clean with Febreze Multi-surface Cleaner, 32oz; BUY ONE, TAKE ONE! P229.95
Can't have too much of this! Eliminates odors! Use this mostly for Mickey and his accidents at home.

Zip All Purpose Cleaner Lavender Field (Look! Huge!), 3.3L; SALE PRICE: P229.95

Glade Cotton & Italian Mandarin Refillable Air Freshener; BUY ONE, TAKE ONE! P 179.95
I hope they sell the refills soon!

Snuggle Blue Sparkle Fabric Softener, 150 fl.oz; SALE PRICE: P399.95
I love this scent, more than Downy. I have Snuggle room and fabric sprays, too. I hope they bring those in next time!

Clean Life Multi-Purpose Floor Cloth (with hole for mop handle); SALE PRICE: P34.95
Clean Life Multi-Purpose Area Mat; SALE PRICE: P34.95

I hoarded these, no doubt about it. I am addicted to cleaning stuff! 

3-Tier Kids Cart; SALE PRICE: P599.95
They didn't have this at Congressional on the first day. Found this at BGC Thursday night.
I don't have a solo photo of this because Yaya placed it in the attic, until we can finally assemble.

And finally, this Over-the-door Mirror! SALE PRICE: P499.95
Got one in March, got another one during Members' Treat.

Aside from these, I also got the following:

Prem Lite 340g; SALE PRICE: P84.95
Heinz Ketchup 44oz; SALE PRICE: P139.95
White Cobbler Fillet; SALE PRICE: P119.95
Lifetime Residential 4ft Foldable Table; SALE PRICE: P1,299.95
Members Selection Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2L; SALE PRICE: P649.95
and vegetables and meat.


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