Wednesday, September 24, 2014

LITTLE MISS QC | First Day Cray-cray at S&R!

And so this hoarder woke up late. I left the house later than usual (I was dilly-dallying, oops!), and when I got to S&R Congressional, there were 24 people in line ahead of me.

OHAYOU GOZAIMASU! | Good morning, people! This is the queue when I got to the store. Not bad eh?

I went up front to check for regulars and this lady in blue (I call her ate) called out to me and asked, "ba't ngayon ka lang?" She is a regular early bird (except she wasn't at the sale early this year), but outdid everyone this time around since she was there at 1130PM!

AND THE AWARD GOES TO... | She's the one in the middle (3rd from left), animatedly telling everyone how she was there so early!

At about 430AM, they let us in the premises. Again, we were made to fall in line by the creek. Good thing I remembered to apply mosquito lotion before heading out.

WHY SO GLUM? | This lady beside me (with the face towel on her head), also a regular, was telling me how she knew the lady up front and they agreed to let each other cut in line if one gets to S&R first. However, the ladies in line after her friend protested. So she had to move back to her original spot.

WALANG PATAYAN! | This was the line at 430AM. Everyone was cool and patient. #iLIKE!

About 15 minutes later, we were asked to move to the queue by the store entrance. No one complained. It was so peaceful. People with high EQs in line with me. Yay!

SO NEAR, YET SO FAR! | I think I did pretty well for someone who got there later than usual.
This ballooned to about 30 people when it was time to go in. 

My assistant L got to the store at a few minutes after 5AM. I was happy she got there early, I was getting bored.

BREAKFAST, ANYONE? | If you're lining up, make sure you bring grub! And coffee! Lots of it!

PILA-PILA PAG MAY TIME... | The line at 645AM. It wasn't so bad.

When the girls from S&R made their rounds to check if everyone had their membership cards, the folks ahead of us asked what time they were going to start letting people in. The girls told them they were advised it would be as scheduled - 8AM. So the helpers in line with us sent text messages back to their bossings to let them know.

Alas! They started letting people in at 7! And that is why we got in without hitch. Most of those in line had to wait for their employers!

I didn't get to take crowd photos inside the store. I was busy taking photos of deals (post will be up tomorrow). I did get to purchase everything I had planned to buy (plus some) because I wasn't sure I could go back in the next few days to shop some more. I have catering all weekend! *sob!* LOL!

DID YOU SAY HOARDERS? | People in line for the cashiers at 8AM!

LOOT! | My assistant and I shared one cart. The policy was one cart per cardholder. I think I did pretty well. 

FULL CAPACITY! | The store right before we left! Lines snaked all the way to the end, but it wasn't so bad. 

We were out by 845AM, and I got to the office by 9. Not bad for first day cray-cray hoarding!


Happening NOW 'til September 28, Sunday!

| facebook: S&R Membership Official


  1. Utang na loob. Did I read it right? Gabi pa lang nandun ka na??? @_@

    1. LOL, first in, first out. Sanay sa Black Friday shopping. Hey, Mish would have joined me if she lived near me. I am quoting her. Hahaha!

  2. Hi! I' m a follower of Bento Mommas. Grabe. I can't imagine gabi plang nakaline up na kau. Went there last sept.27, sa aseana lunchtime kaya d masyado mahaba pila.. got my 1yr supply of toothpaste & shampoo. Haha!


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