Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Mango-ong Update!

So. I just had a rough early afternoon. I received a threat on this blog post (chose not to publish the nasty comments). So I called up Mango-ong. Turns out they already won the IPO case! Green Mango-ong Food Corp is the legal owner of the Mango-ong trademark and business. I shall post the court decision when I get it from Mango-ong. Meanwhile, Mr. Anonymous (aka Jeje posting Jeje and text-speak on my blog post), if you're trying to scare me because you have nowhere to go and nothing do, may I please remind you that I am in no way connected to GMFC nor am I under their employ. I only stand for what is right.

I pray justice is served, and that everyone with unresolved cases get the justice you deserve (and your money back)!

Please be informed.

Read about the whole scam here.

EDIT: Mango-ong IPO Decision here. Don't be duped!

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