Tuesday, September 16, 2014

I Went To London To Visit The Queen!

Hardly true. But I did make 60 detailed bento boxes for a London-themed party over the weekend!

Took me the whole evening to get all these bread done! But it was worth all the hard work. My client was pleased. Love how she took time to text me about my apple carving. Yes, I love carving apples. It relaxes me - haha, even if I have to carve 60+ slices (I actually did over 80 because I had another order before this one)!

Anyway, here's a closer look for your viewing pleasure. Each bento comes with my best-selling tri-noodle spaghetti, chicken nuggets, bread deco, and an apple treat.

And yes, this is why I am extra tired, and why I have been absent from the blog. But it pays for A's tuition and gives us extra savings for that rainy day. So I am not complaining. But I do hope to find time (and make time) for blogging. Lord, please give me strength.

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