Wednesday, June 10, 2015

First Day. First Grade.

The little boy is now a first grader. I cannot believe it. I no longer have a baby. It is official. Yep, yesterday was one of those days - you know, the day you try to hold off as long as you can, but can no longer deny because it has finally come?

Prepping for first grade. I did so at the last minute (a day before!). In denial much?
First grade books! Imagine he has to lug these to school every single day?
Thank goodness they switch to tablets in third grade!
Because I didn't want to waste my money on another box trolley he will not get to use after two years,
we chose a High Sierra wheeled bag instead. At least, he can bring this on trips!

First grade.

I had put a down payment/ deposit on another school (our first choice, as it is also my alma mater, and it is closer to home), but alas, God had other plans. RL had passed both schools. But at the very last minute, we decided it was best for him to go to this one. Long story. But one day, I will share why.

Besides, it wouldn't make sense to put a Green Blooded model in another school's colors. Yep, my little Archer is right where he belongs.

My little Archer. :)

Here are some photos from yesterday.

Excited for his first day in first grade!
Loving the fact that he has the whole service all to himself.
Smiling here, but he actually dislikes the fact that he sits right in front.
He doesn't want to get noticed daw. LOL!
Comfy in school. No tears. Good thing we had him take advanced classes there this summer!
First day bento!
See more of my bento work on

Anyway, first grade. Sigh.

I still cannot believe it. 

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