Wednesday, June 17, 2015


My uber-detailed post on the Happy Meal Minion Pre-order too complicated? Here are 5 Simple Steps to understand the procedure in a glance!

Step 1 - Visit any McDonald’s store from June 15-20. 

Step 2 - Pre-order the complete Minions Happy Meal set in the front counter of a McDonald’s store. 

Claim Stubs!
Step 3 - For only Php949, each pre-ordered Minions Happy Meal set includes a Claim Stub Set for all 10 Minions Happy Meal toys and 10 Happy Meal food stubs composed of: 

  • Four (4) Burger McDo with fries Happy Meals 
  • Two (2) Chicken McDo Happy Meals 
  • Two (2) McSpaghetti Happy Meals 
  • Two (2) Burger McDo Happy Meals 
Step 4 - Happy Meal food stubs may be used upon purchase or until August 19. 

Step 5 - The complete Minions Happy Meal set may be redeemed at any McDonald’s store starting June 25—before the Minions toys are available individually in store.

Go to a McDonald's store near you today and pre-order your whole set of Minions now!


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