Saturday, June 13, 2015

#HoarderDiaries | HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!

I had a low-key birthday this year.

Usually, I celebrate with a lot of food. This year though, it being extra busy and stressful, both at home and at work, I didn't have much time to prep anything - let alone cook. I had received a new toy a few weeks ago though, and had been wanting to try it out. So when my birthday came around, I thought it would be the perfect chance to test out my new Severin Wafer/Cone Maker!

My kids are really fond of Sugar Cones. I know, added sugar to an already sugar high treat. But I am not a fan of those bland cones either, thus I give in when they pick the sugary ones out at the supermarket. So when I was given a Severin Wafer/Cone Maker, the thought of making my own cones just tickled my imagination! Yes, the possibilities! I can even use this for Bento!

I went searching for a recipe that was more on the crepe side. My kids love a good crepe as well (the Severin Crepe Maker is next on my to-buy list!). So when I found this recipe on, I knew that with a little tweaking, this would make a good waffle wafer cone recipe!

From my kitchen to yours.

Initially, the thought of making these cones from scratch intimidated me. But when Michelle invited me to attend the Severin and Braun event a few weeks back, I saw just how easy it was to make my own with the Severin Wafer/Cone Maker. Did I say easy? I meant VERY EASY!

Eggs and Sugar. Whisk until frothy. Nope, no need for an electric mixer!

Whisk in all other ingredients. 

Whisk! Whisk! Until smooth and thin.

Once your Wafer/Cone Maker is hot and ready, pour about a tablespoon or two of the batter in the center. Cover.

And after two minutes, VOILA! 

Once you have your waffle wafers cooked, it is important that you mold them while hot. They will crisp up once set. Use a cone molder or a cup to make your waffle wafers into wafer cups.

Mold into cones...

...or cups.

Or let them set as is and have waffle cookies instead!

I made the wafer cups early morning with the intention of taking them to the office on the first workday after my birthday (my birthday this year fell on a Saturday). While I was cooking a batch, my kids already ate about five cups! I had to make two recipes worth!

Easy to Use
Easy to Clean
Use of Own Recipe
Compact and Stores Easily

Mmm... home made waffle wafer cups and cones with my fave Macapuno Ice Cream!

So good!

Next time, I shall bring the batter and the Severin Wafer/Cone Maker to the office. These are so good while hot and fresh from the griddle!

Office peeps excited to try it out!

My dad is happy to have some ice cream. He can eat ice cream everyday!

Yup, Happy Birthday to me!

~~~ * ~~~

Severin and Braun small kitchen appliances are distributed locally by Colombo Merchant Philippines. Aside from Severin and Braun, Colombo also carries the Nescafe Dolce Gusto, Beurer and Minox. 

Did you know that Severin has been making quality kitchen appliances for over 60 years? What actually started as a Blacksmith shop 120 years ago has evolved into one of the most prestigious German companies! You can purchase Severin appliances locally from Anson's, SM Appliances, Abenson, S&R, Rustan's, True Value, Gourdo's, Santis, Wellworth and from Duty Free Philippines.


Titas at the Severin and Braun event. Thank you, Mish and Colombo Merchants!
(from L-R: Didi, Mish, me, Cai, Tina and Patty)


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