Wednesday, June 24, 2015

#MommaDiaries | FATHER'S DAY (Part One)

And just like that, Father's Day came and went. This year, the kids went about the day without much reference to their absentee father. And although we were pretty busy that day with family activities plus a BentoMommas workshop at Rustan's, I must admit I didn't encourage any form of reaching out. I mean, we've done all the reaching out in the past. Now if this man truly wanted to spend time with his kids on the day fathers are celebrated, his efforts would go beyond that one missed call.

I can hear my MIL telling me "Ikaw naman, pakipot ka pa. Tumawag naman pala, di mo lang sinagot." But see, I've gone through this several times in the past. He'd call. I'd answer. He'd promise. We'd believe. He'd show up late. He'd fall short (insert all other disappointments here). We'd compromise. He'd go home. And then silence. Nothing. No calls. No text messages. Repeat cycle after two weeks or whenever he feels like it.

After going through the same cycle for the past 6 years, A is finally fed up. She doesn't even think of sending her dad a greeting. When he sent the usual "balita?" text Saturday night, she replied with a spam text she copied from a spam message we received earlier that day. "He keeps sending us the same one-liner, it's irritating. Doesn't he have anything else to say?" Yup, you can't fool a teenager. My 13-year-old knows better.

RL, on the other hand, still doesn't know what he's missing. Or maybe... he just doesn't miss anything at all. At Kid's Church, the kids were tasked to make a Father's Day card. I have often wondered what RL would do if he came across a situation where he would be asked about his dad or anything of the sort. After church, he came bouncing happily with a card addressed to "Angkong" (grandfather in Fookien/ Chinese). He proudly showed me that he even signed it from "K, A and RL."

That evening, on the way home from Rustan's, I waited if one of them would ask to call their dad to greet him. One block away from the house, I finally asked in case they were waiting on my go signal. But RL was quick to answer with "No. I already greeted Angkong a 'Happy Father's Day'. I also greeted Jesus. Because today, He is my daddy, because He is the One taking care of me."

"A Father to the Fatherless, a defender of widows, is God in His holy dwelling." Psalm 68:5 NIV 

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