Friday, August 20, 2010

Another Year.

A-ya! Time flies! It's been a year... well, almost.

R became a year older (wiser?) Wednesday, and surprise, surprise, he celebrated the early part of the evening with us. We weren't really in the mood for dinner out as we were getting ready to go to bed early, but R insisted that he take us out. We cruised the length of Ortigas, went around Greenhills, then back to Ortigas and settled on Charlie's Grind and Grill - the new branch at the Ronac Building near Santolan.

I've heard about Charlie's Grill (Kapitolyo) from friends and my sibs, but haven't had the chance to go. I'm really a burger fan and have organized Burger EBs with some of my PEx friends, and had Charlie's on my list for the longest time. So when we passed by the new branch, and R asked if we wanted to eat there, I quickly agreed.

The place was packed and the kids were hungry. A wasn't too excited to be eating at a burger joint.

RL is giddy, while ate is blah!

RL: Smile, Ate! Like this!

RL telling his sis that burgers are yummy.

She's really a rice person and looked for it even when her dad got her Fish and Chips (which came loaded with yummy fries). R and I shared an Angus Burger and Charlie's famous Buffalo Wings. RL was satisfied with his fries.

It was a tense dinner, and A wasn't too happy, really. We had a field trip to Lemery, Batangas the next day, so she was already sleepy and anxious. Plus, she wanted a milkshake and her dad
wasn't too keen on shelling out 150pesos for it. :P

It was a filling dinner though, and the best part was seeing my ex-officemate, C and her hubby K, hehe.


HAPPY almost 40th, DADDY! We love you and are praying for you. ;)


  1. Fides S. CAstaneda-Bernabe, ILMT, CSMAugust 22, 2010 at 12:33 AM

    Things will get better kaye...only the word "change" doesnt change and only the name "perfecto" remains perfect...i will be praying for you and your family and I believe that in time, you will have happiness to your hearts desire...jst continue on you dear friend! :)

  2. Nice to know R spent time with you & your kids :)

    God bLess your family!


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