Thursday, August 12, 2010


My little boy, RL, loves yogurt. Yes, anything with those live microorganisms - Yakult, Yogurt, Yogurt drinks, etc. Our chiller at home is stocked to the brim with these stuff. I don't even know how he developed the taste for Yogurt. But he loves, loves, loves the stuff (and that is an understatement).

Every week, I have to head back to the supermarket to get more Yogurt. Hi-Top Supermarket sells the small Nestle Yogurt drinks by the 5-pc pack so that makes it convenient for me to haul into my shopping cart, hehe. However, for the regular Yogurt kind, RL prefers Mango and Strawberry only, so goodbye to those 6packs where you get to save P10.00! It's great though that Nestle Fruit Selection Yogurt Strawberry comes in the big tub. So I get that and have his nanny spoon the Yogurt into smaller servings.

We recently tried Nestle's new offering - Nestle Fruit Selection Yogurt + Jelly, both in Buco Pandan and Strawberry, but RL prefers his Yogurt plain. So guess who ate all that up? Ha! It's good and retails for P20 a cup! Healthy snacking just got easier (and cheaper)! Yey!

Anyway, here's how my little boy eats his fave Nestle Fruit Selection Yogurt in Mango.

Yup, he wants it all in one go. LOL!

Got Yogurt, anyone?

And of course, Mickey is quick to lick up whatever's left of RL's Yogurt.

Haha, NOM!

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