Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Blogging Holiday

I am on a blogging holiday.

Not by choice though. It seems that these couple of months will be packed for me. And I am not counting September - when we go on tour with Citipointe Live again! Yes, July and August are hectic months indeed. :P

I am a tad stressed. But I choose to set it aside and just not meet it head-on. In fact, I am dilly-dallying. Woopeedee.

I have a lot of things on my to-do-list. The pressing thing is to write that 'Note from the President' I had promised my aunt I would do. It's for the free infozine we release every quarter. Plus, I have to take a photo of my dad for an article. :P Then I have orders to make for work; I have to work on the reclassification of stores and a merchandising handbook to go along with it. Then A has her quarterly exams coming up! Then... then... then... Aya! The list goes on and on.

My mom once told me when I was still working for a wholesale chain that work never runs out and I should be thankful, instead of stressed-out all the time. I brought home work on weekends then and would work through Sundays bickering about how I was always doing something. So she told me this: "if work ran out, you'd be out of a job tomorrow." Made a lot of sense then, and it still does now. It changed my whole outlook on work.

It means more than anything now that I am the sole breadwinner. That I have to work my butt off for the kids. Hey, if there were more than 24 hours in a day, I'd grab every part-time/ extra work I can get my hands on. Sadly, there are no more than 24 hours, and I feel it's just not enough. I try to make my bosses understand how hard it is to juggle time for work and family, especially since there is no 'other parent' to do the other share of parenting - No other parent to run the errands, or pick up the kid from school, or take the baby to the doctor, or take A to the dentist, or accompany A to field trips, etc. Yes, it all falls on my lap, and it's hard to explain why you have to take the day off, or why you're late for that meeting, etc.

God's grace is sufficient, however. Because two weeks ago, I was called up to my big boss' office and he told me he knew I needed help and just to holler if I needed it. He asked my other boss to take charge of my situation. So now I have someone bringing A to school (I used to take her to work with me in the morning because her class is at 12nn and I couldn't get off work again to get her). :) So much compassion for someone who doesn't know about single parenting first-hand. I was humbled, I tell you, and teary-eyed.

Anyway, blah blah blah. It's past midnight and A has a test in Sibika. Yes, lucky me. We have to wake up earlier than usual tomorrow to discuss the pambansang stuff. Woopeedee. Oh well, 'til next post!

PS. Did I mention that August is also gonna be an exciting month? A month for change and a new chapter in life. The one year mark is also approaching. Nyar.

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