Tuesday, August 24, 2010


My car is coded tomorrow. That means, I cannot be on major roads from 7am-9:59am and from 3pm-6:59pm. A has her 1st quarterly exams tomorrow through Friday. I have to be home tomorrow morning for "something" and found out today that instead of the test schedule announced last week (12nn-3pm), they changed the test schedule to 9am through 12nn! Ayayay!

My mom's driver usually takes A to school when I can't do chauffeur duties, but KY has classes at 9am tomorrow as well, so no can do. I We now have no choice but to wake up at 5am, in order to get to QC before 7am. I guess we'll be having breakfast at Mickey D's. :P


Meanwhile, I had some guys from the office pick up a few things from the house today. After getting a gate pass to ensure their smooth pickup sans the hassle, we found out that the service elevator wasn't working. So I called our admin office and asked them if we can use the passenger elevator to transport a few boxes. It is against policy, so I practically begged. We have a new administrator and I am sure he snickered to himself when I gave him the sob story of being a single parent and not having a husband to help me with stuff like these. Told him I borrowed a couple of peeps from the office and a van just so I can dispose of a few items, etc. I suppose I sounded so pathetic, so much so that he told me he'd agree to have us transport the boxes one by one via the passenger elevators, and that he was sticking his neck out for me. :)

He's a nice guy, no? He didn't give me a hard time.

Note to self: Give the new administrator a gift basket. LOL!

But waaahhhh!!! God is nicer! He's the best! The service elevator started working the moment we got to the elevator area. :) :) :) Ang galing! Love talaga ako ni Lord!

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