Wednesday, February 19, 2014

#OliviaWillYouMarryMe Take 2!

It's funny how we just love to assume about things. Take this #OliviaWillYouMarryMe mystery for instance. We speculated, didn't we? My social network was abuzz with it the past week. I heard conspiracy theory after conspiracy theory. People were thinking this could be for real, a proposal by John Prats to Isabel Oli, an ad campaign for the show Scandal, a teaser to a Max's Fried Chicken Ad (where did that come from, I say the colors are all wrong!), etc. etc.

And you know, I was ready to declare that this could only be some gimmick by the billboard company, because the billboards in front of Trinoma were positioned right next to each other (big billboard and long one, all declaring their love for "Olivia") - an obvious waste of ad money (people would see one on that strip anyway, why have two?). Plus, yesterday, two more ads were put up around Quezon City Circle.


Today, on Rappler, we finally saw light to this mystery.

Voila, c'est Olivia.

Photo is a screen shot of the Rappler report by Ira Agting. Thank you for letting us know! Finally!

So there you have it folks. Olivia. She said yes, whoever she may be. Snaps to the people behind the Empire East ad. You captured our attention. Plus, you gave extra mileage for Scandal, Max's, Magnum and all those companies we assumed to have launched the campaign.

I must say though that I was a tad disappointed that Olivia isn't real. Oh well. 


  1. Huhuhu ang sweet pa naman sana noh? I guess we're all loking out for a Romeo to whisk us off our feet into happily ever after! ;) bwisit na ad yan nakakalungkot haha.

  2. Wow! Olivia associated with a condo :) clap clap clap! very nice marketing campaign


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