Thursday, February 13, 2014


One of the many billboards on EDSA (and major thoroughfares) that has gotten everyone curious.

They sprouted yesterday - these billboards with the Q: "Olivia, will you marry me? 21414" And yes, whoever Olivia is, "she" is now trending topic on social networks.

I am as curious as you are. Is this some marketing campaign or a real proposal? I guess we all would have to wait until tomorrow to find out.

Meanwhile, I bet you're wishing you were named Olivia. LOL!



  1. Read about this in Yahoo. Please write a follow up, Kaye! I'm so curious i could die!!! :))

    1. Oh, Momma Jane, I'm as clueless as you are! But I shall write a follow up when I do find out!

  2. Hello, Kaye!

    I am a blogger and I wrote a blog about this bill board. I did not happen to have a picture so I searched for it in Google. I saw your blog and I used your image.

    I have included you in the photo credits below and your blog's url as a link when you click the image in my blog. I hope this is fine with you. Thank you.

  3. Hi Ms Kaye,

    I included your picture in a blog that I made. I hope it's ok. Don't worry, I placed your url in my blog as well :) Thank you :)

  4. tingin ko, gusto lang pagaanin ng mga ad agencies ang loob ng mga tao kc nga feb. ngayon. pero di ko sure kung kuha nila 2 kc my nabubuang at d 2 ma gets. nung 1st kong napansin 2 may ? dn nman


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