Saturday, February 22, 2014


So the little boy has been sick a lot lately. His throat lining must be so thin, it gets scratched easily. Just when I thought we were finally off the nebulizer, the nanny tells me I need to get more Ventolin because he has started coughing again. All he had were mangoes. And he was fine that day. I'm thinking, allergies? I hope not. He loves mangoes!

We haven't been back to see the kids' pediatrician in months. I know, I know, I'm a bad mom. I am blessed to have a doctor/surgeon for a neighbor though, (Hi, Rin and Doc!) and he's my go-to person when it comes to small medical issues. Thank you, Lord, for Doc A!

Hmmm... why do some doctors charge an arm and a leg for services anyway? Just last month, with the Measles outbreak scare, I had called another pediatrician's office (reco'd by a friend) to ask if the kids can go get their shots. I was quoted a whopping amount for it! I need to give up a month's worth of groceries just to get my kids' boosters updated! And to think the neighborhood health centers are giving those shots out for free. I need to seriously invest in Health Insurance. Argh! It's so hard when you're the sole provider. You have to give up one thing to have another.

My mom says health is a great investment, and I shouldn't even think twice when spending for it. You only live once, right? My emergency fund has been put to good use last year. I just hope none of the kids get anything serious this year.

Speaking of doctors, here's a doctor I'm sure your kids love! And she's part of this week's giveaway! Why yes, it's DOC MCSTUFFINS! I know, I'm a few days late (I had to search the attic for it), but better late than... well, next week. LOL!

I sold toys for Christmas last year (a breadwinner's gotta do what a breadwinner's gotta do). This bag came from the second batch of toys my aunt sent from the US. This is original Doc McStuffins merchandise from! Anyway, I've always wanted to use one for a giveaway (given the lack of Doc McStuffins merch in the Philippines), plus I thought it fits the post. The giveaway will end on Monday night, February 24, at 1159PM. I will announce the winner the next day. This giveaway is open to anyone with a Philippine address.

How to join? Just follow what the Rafflecopter app tells you to do. The more options you follow, the more entries you earn.

Good luck!


  1. oh no! :( I hope RL gets better soon! All my 3 kids have asthma too which they unfortunately inherited from me. Triple boo! They use COMBIVENT for nebulizing though as Ventolin gives us the shakes. (RL is hiyang ba with ventolin? he doesn't shake violenyly & palpitate after?) I am SO tempted to join ur giveway haha I'm such a kod at heart. That, or I wanna visit your attic & go on a shopping spree! :P have a great weekend kaye!! :-*

    1. He's hiyang naman to Ventolin. He also takes Alnix for allergic rhinitis. Takes after his dad, I think. The giveaway isn't such a hit, no? Oh well, I must giveaway something with Sofia the First or Frozen next time. Hahaha!

  2. Shrimps used to be Matthew's favorite until it triggered his allergies. Its so sad for parents to see our kid become allergic with their favorite food. But its harder to see them suffer from allergies and asthma attacks. Salbutamol nebules are as important & basic meds as paracetamol in my medicine cabinet. Mothers are still the best doctor for their kids :-)

    1. We have both syrup and nebules. Hirap magkasakit!

  3. oh, it's so sad to see our kids get sick. yun tipong gusto mo na malipat na lang sayo un pain nila. hope your son's ok already!
    anyway, im joining for my lil girl. she loves bags and purses.

    yen morales

  4. ronald morales

    wifey encourage me to join for our daughter =)

  5. I wouldn't suggest using nebules unless very necessary kasi may side-effect po. I'm asthmatic and a few years back, nanginginig ako after nebulizing. I've had shaky hands ever since. Now I avoid it as much as possible. Hanggat kaya pa, I really don't recommend using it.


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