Monday, February 24, 2014

RL Funnies: GUILTY!

This post was initially part of the last post about being sick. I realized, however, that since that post had a giveaway, I thought I'd post this separately. Not that I want the whole world to know, but I can't resist sharing this tidbit from Friday morning. You'll know what I mean when you read my retelling below. Hehehe.

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Funny thing that happened Friday morning... (my son will probably kill me for posting this story one day, LOL) I bumped into RL on the way to the bathroom. I suppose he was surprised to see me come out of the bedroom. He probably thought I was still taking a bath. When I walked back into the bedroom, I saw him on A's bed, with his hand in his pants.

K: "What are you doing?!!"
RL: "My tutuy's ouchie..."
K: "Well, don't touch it. It's going to be more painful if you keep touching it."
I wanted to check but knew he wouldn't come near me if I asked to see... So, I dressed up and right before going down to make his bento lunch, I called him near and asked for a hug. He comes and I took the opportunity to check and see what was wrong.
K: (pulling his pants down) "Let me check and see if it's red."
RL: (quickly pulls his pants up) "No!"
K: "But I want to see if we need to put medicine."
RL: (squirms a bit, and hesitates) "No."
K: "Why?!"
RL: (looks at me with guilty eyes) "There's candy!"
So I pull open his underwear and find two squished Trolli Strawberry Puffs inside his briefs, next to his you-know-what!!! He was smuggling candy! We told him he couldn't have any because of his cough. I couldn't stop laughing!!! And RL? Well, he cried (bad Momma).

Hunny, you can't get away with it. You have the same look your dad has when he doesn't tell Momma the truth. LOL!

Ah! The things kids do nowadays! 


  1. OH MY! Ack, he will kill you one day for telling this story!

    1. LOL! I'm going to delete this story next week!

  2. homaygas lagot ka talaga Kaye pag nagbinata na siya at nabasa ito hahaha!!! BAD MOMMY!! Chinismis talaga si RL & his tutuy! ;)) Major LOL!

    1. Mommy Jane, yung chinismis ko yung Strawberry Puffs! Hindi yung ano. LOLOLOL!

  3. lol so much! why hide it in his undies? hindi ba pwede sa bulsa? hahaha can't stop laughing!


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