Tuesday, September 8, 2015

#AlexaAndRiley | RL's First Egg Surprise Video!

We've been thinking this through for the past year - contemplating on whether we should create a new YouTube channel for the kids, or just maintain one (and keep our sanity). Because among the three of us at home, we already have too many social media accounts. So the kids and I decided to just maintain one YouTube channel (given that I still have that inactive nappycakes account on it as well) because they all get featured on the blog anyway. So yes, all videos will be under this account (for now, until they are old enough to manage their own channels). I was able to edit the channel name to include this blog. Will figure out more as I read up on YouTube. 

So RL has been bugging me to record this Egg Surprise video. If you have a child under 8, then you should know how popular these videos are. My little boy has a list of must-watch YouTubers, and he has them all saved up on his app.

Anyway, I purchased the Inside Out Eggs from a supermarket in Sydney - not sure now if it was Coles or Woolies, but yes, one of 'em. Only got two because I wasn't so sure it would survive my too-full luggage. Teehee. We were set to film this video back in July, but RL got Chicken Pox. So we had to wait out some healing. You can still see two marks on his forehead. Thankfully, the only two marks on his face.

So excuse the amateur editing - you can see my finger on the lens somewhere along the way because RL moved away from view. Enjoy! Oh and yes, thumbs up on YouTube for more, please! And do subscribe. Thanks!


No real eggs were harmed while filming this video. 

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